About Us

K9 Bed Bug Inspection Company Helping Commercial Properties Eliminate Bed Bugs

RVATH’s Bed Bug K9 Division of Richmond VA is a K9 Inspection company here to help commercial properties with their bedbug issues. We provide every aspect that you will need to get a bed bug problem under control and to keep it under control. Our preventative services help find infestations before they get out of control. While RVA Thermal Heat has always had K9 as a part of their business model, in 2018 it was decided to make it an entity of its own in order to provide commercial properties with a one stop shop for bed bug elimination.

Why Choose RTH’s K9 Bed Bug Inspection Company

  1. Providing K9 Bed Bug inspections with Double Blind Certified dogs
  2. Our Company is Licensed and Insured
  3. We Service Apartments, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Hospitals and Schools
  4. Preventative Packages that keep your business running
  5. Non Toxic Chemicals
  6. K-9 Inspections custom scheduled to fit your needs
  7. We cover all of Richmond and most of Virginia


What Is A K9 Bed Bug Inspection

Our K9 Bed Bug Inspections are intended to help larger facilities keep an eye on bed bug issues and to prevent them. Our K9 Inspections are done quarterly through every building and every room including common area. Many of the residents actually look forward to seeing the dogs in the building. Once all areas are screened and logged a report is generated for the customer to let them know where the problem areas are and if they are on a preventative maintenance plan with us we begin treatment for the infected rooms to maintain the infestation. All service records are available to our customers along with K9 training records for review at any time and are also available for court documentation.